Our Family Law Practice

If you are considering filing for divorce or are involved in a highly contested family law matter, you need more than just a professional on your side. You need a lawyer who knows how to protect your interests.

At The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady, our experienced lawyers are the aggressive advocates you have been searching for. Our legal team has dedicated over 40 years of combined work to focusing exclusively on family law and matrimonial law in New York.

We Can Help With Any Family Law Dispute

We are family law litigators. That means while we will always look for a way to help you stay out of court, we know when it is necessary and how to fight to protect your rights and interests. Few firms in Suffolk County and Long Island have our track record of trial successes in family law.

We can help you with:

  • Divorce: In New York, divorce can be contested or uncontested. Uncontested divorce generally refers to a divorce where there is no disagreement between the parties. Contested divorce refers to a separating couple who cannot agree on the terms of a divorce, and will typically involve litigation and courtroom appearances. We will address all of the issues, including spousal maintenance payments, child support obligations and dividing property in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Appealing a family law ruling: There are cases in which an individual can appeal the outcome of a matrimonial or family law matter. We have extensive experience and a proven track record of success in handling these cases.
  • Determining child custody: One of the most commonly disputed issues involves the rights for custody of minor children. Our firm represents parents and grandparents in seeking to assert their rights for custody and visitation. If you're not satisfied with your current arrangement, we can also help you seek a modification of a custody arrangement. It will also be important to speak with an attorney who can make certain that the support payments are fair to all.
  • Child support: While the law is clear on the payment of child support, there are intricacies that are important to understand, and we can help navigate you through those in such a fashion so as to ensure that both you and your children are financially secure by the conclusion of your case.
  • Enforcement of court orders: When a former spouse fails to uphold his or her end of a post-divorce decree, he or she could be held accountable and found in contempt of court. This can include failing to pay child support, being delinquent in spousal maintenance, refusing to distribute assets or disobeying a visitation schedule.
  • Orders of protection: If you or your children are victims of domestic violence, harassment, stalking or any other form of criminal activity, seeking an emergency order of protection can prevent a violent spouse from contacting you, thus keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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