Determining Child Custody And Visitation

A divorce can have the potential to affect every family member, especially minor children. Perhaps one of the most emotional decisions that a divorcing couple will need to make involves custody and visitation of their children. Without the right legal representation from a qualified, skilled and compassionate family law attorney, your family could feel the impact of a misrepresented child custody case for years in the future.

At The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady in Smithtown, New York, our legal team has over 40 years of combined legal experience. We have represented families in family courts and appellate courts in all areas of matrimonial law. We know what is on the line during a child custody and visitation issue, and we won't be afraid to take your issue to court so you can obtain the best possible outcome for your family.

Protecting Your Parenting Privileges At All Costs

During an uncontested divorce, a separating couple can have the opportunity to come to an agreement for child custody and visitation through the process of negotiation. The agreement will ultimately be subject to court approval, and once approved, can be enforced. If a separating couple cannot agree on a plan for custody and visitation, however, the court may feel the need to intervene and act in the best interests of the child.

In both of these cases, the following factors will be taken into account when determining child custody arrangements:

  • The child's age, and physical and mental health
  • The parent's mental and physical health, lifestyle, and other social factors including a history of domestic violence or drug abuse
  • The well-being of the parent-child relationship or grandparent-child relationship
  • Living patterns, including schooling, recreational hobbies, medical care or religious affiliation
  • If the child is of age, the child's personal preference for habitation

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your child custody or visitation outcome, we can also represent you in an appeal or help you pursue a modification of the custody order. We know your rights and we know how to protect them. Our trial attorneys can draw on years of experience and extensive knowledge of the courts to help you obtain a satisfactory resolution.

Realistic Solutions For Any Potential Problem

Our Suffolk County child custody and visitation lawyers represent parents and grandparents throughout Smithtown, New York. If you wish to learn more about what our team of dedicated professionals can do for your case, contact our office as soon as possible. We offer free case evaluations where you can meet with us in person to discuss your matters in confidence.