Determining Child Support Obligations

A divorce can be potentially heated and emotionally charged, and as a result, some issues affecting your family could end up being resolved in a family court setting.

Though some families prefer to resolve their divorce issues through collaborative law, our skilled divorce lawyers have dedicated over 40 years of combined legal experience to representing clients in family law courts in Suffolk County and throughout New York. If you are in need of child support, or if you have been ordered to pay child support, let the knowledgeable legal team at The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady in Smithtown help alleviate the stress and confusion and provide peace of mind to your family.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

If one spouse is awarded physical or primary custody of any minor child or children in a divorce, the other parent may have to pay child support to fulfill his or her obligation to play a role in the child's development. Typically, the amount of child support is based on a number of factors, including:

  • The needs of the child, such as health insurance, educational costs, day care costs
  • Additional necessities, in the case of special needs
  • The income of both parents
  • The standard of living that the child grew accustomed to prior to the divorce

Though a divorcing couple will have the opportunity to reach an agreement for child support out of court through the process of mediation, some couples may need to settle their child support cases in court through litigation. We know that you only want the best for your child and obtaining the financial means to provide the best for your child may be the only way. Child support will ultimately be a great financial obligation for both paying parents and receiving parents, so we can inform you of everything you need to know to prepare for this type of responsibility.

Get Honest And Ethical Advice

We are always honest and upfront with our potential clients. This means we can prepare you for any potential problems by providing realistic solutions. When you come to The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady, your family won't have to suffer emotional blows from unexpected scenarios due to an unrealistic view of the case. We keep our clients updated on all developments regarding their child support issues so that they can make empowered decisions to protect their family and finances.

If you have a concern about the outcome of your child support case, or have a question about how child support may affect your divorce in New York, contact The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady. We would be happy to provide our legal insight into your family law matters. A partner at our firm is available to walk you through every step of the legal process, so call today for a free case evaluation.