Resolving High Net Worth Divorce

Divorcing couples with a high net worth will likely face difficult legal challenges in the property division process because there is so much more at stake.

At The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady in Suffolk County, New York, we take on the toughest cases and get them under control and moving in the right direction. With over 40 years of shared experience in divorce law, we have the insight and litigation skills that can help you get your divorce resolved fairly and leave you on sound financial footing.

We Will Protect Your Rights And Interests

Each case is as unique as the parties involved. There are some cases in which both parties have many assets, and others in which one party has been the sole provider over the duration of the marriage.

We can resolve complex matters involving:

  • The division of business assets and the future of your or your spouse's company
  • What will happen to your retirement accounts
  • Who will continue to live in the marital home or whether it will need to be sold
  • The tax and debt implications of your divorce
  • The division of high-priced assets like cars, boats, art and other valuables
  • The determination of spousal maintenance (alimony) obligations

As experienced trial lawyers, we also know how to resolve matters without litigation. We make every attempt to resolve the situation outside of court, but in some cases this just is not possible.

When litigation is the only option, you can trust our legal team to be confident, professional and well-prepared when presenting your case to the court.

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