The Dos And Don'ts Of Divorce

The divorce process can be quite confusing for someone with no knowledge of the law. Unfortunately, there are mistakes that people make that hurt their cases.

As a client of The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady, you can leave all of the difficult legal work to us. Our lawyers are known in Suffolk County, New York, and across Long Island for providing aggressive, client-centered representation.

What you need to do is keep these facts in mind:

DO: Follow Court Instructions

If your divorce is pending and the judge is issuing temporary orders or the judge is issuing a final decree, you must follow the judge's instructions. Failure to do so could result in you being held in contempt of court. If you have questions or your circumstances change, we will help you examine your options, which could include filing an appeal or seeking a modification. Never take the law into your own hands.

DON'T: Conceal Information Or Assets From Your Attorney Or The Court

A common mistake that people make in the property division process is thinking that they can keep assets hidden from their spouses. They may also try to "give" property to a family member only to get it back when the divorce is over. If you are caught, the court will not look kindly on you. Additionally, if you keep information from us, we cannot give you the best possible representation.

DO: Focus On Your Children's Best Interests

Child custody, visitation and support disputes are often contentious. Remember that however tough this divorce is on you, it will be especially hard on your children. Courts will act in the children's best interests, and it is important for you to do the same. We will focus on protecting your parental rights and your parenting time.

DON'T: Pit Your Children Against Your Ex

No matter how angry you are at your ex, do not try to harm your children's relationship with your ex. If the court finds out, the judge may hold it against you when determining custody and visitation.

DO: Ask Questions If You Are Confused

We work for you. Our job is to protect your interests and put you in the best position for a successful outcome. As a small firm we provide hands-on representation with each of our clients. If at any time you have questions or need us to clarify something about the process, please let us know.

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