"I've Referred Dozen of People to Castrovinci & Mady!"

People are quick to complain, either by letter writing or harsh words, but it is rare that beside the spoken thank-you, written card or basket of fruit the thanks are not publicized. I have read a few "reviews" that have left me skeptical as to who actually wrote them. Was it a client or is it just an attempt at a smear campaign? I was referred by a family member who could not stop raving about Phil Castrovinci and his staff. My (ex) husband had a few different attorneys during the process and at times it got quite ugly, but Phil would reassure me not to worry it would be okay and it always was. Of the dozen or so people I referred to Castrovinci & Mady, not ONE was dissatisfied and many of these people referred their friends and family to this firm too. I know that Phil and Matt get most of their clients from former client referrals and I know personally that these clients are very happy with this firm because I still get thanks.

"They Went Above & Beyond - I Will Forever Sing Their Praises"

There are truly not enough words to express the gratitude I have for Mr. Castrovinci and Mr. Mady. When I first consulted with Mr. Castrovinci I was not only ready to give up on my case but because of past experiences with other firms was also ready to give up on the legal profession as a whole. My opinion quickly changed with just one meeting. Right from that first meeting with Mr. Castrovinci- I knew he had the legal expertise and human concern for my case that would inevitably turn things around. They went above and beyond for my case proving themselves to be individuals of integrity, compassion, concern for their clients and well versed in the law. They are a true credit not only to the legal profession but also to the area of family law. I will forever sing their praises and be grateful for all they did on behalf of myself and that of my son. Once again...Thank You Mr. Castrovinci and Mr. Mady!!!

"My Wishes & Needs Were His First Priority"

I had an on-going case due to my x-husband's 6 attorneys. After firing my first lawyer for incompetence I interviewed many lawyers. My first consult with Phil made me feel that this was a lawyer that would aggressively & honestly keep my wishes & needs 1st & his ego second - ego is necessary if you want a lawyer to win a case! He made me 1 promise upon hiring him. I was pleasantly surprised when he delivered that promise shortly thereafter. I have respect for him & we continued as a team. You have to work w/your lawyer & his staff. His staff is professional & patient. At the end of the day, he LIKES to win so that is to your advantage. We were thrown many curveballs but when it was time to settle, I was being stubborn-he reminded me of my main objective & he was getting me that as part of the settlement. He could've dragged things on but made me realize that I was getting as close as possible to what I wanted-you never get it all-but I was happy w/the results & glad he was my atty. Recommend highly

"Excellent Results. Compassionate Attorney."

As with many people going through a divorce, it was a very emotional time for me. While I knew that divorce was my only option, it was not something that I really wanted to do. I hired Philip Castrovinci to handle my case because he was compassionate and understanding about my situation, as well as my reluctance to start something that could take years to complete, leaving myself and my children in an even more emotional state. Mr. Castrovinci aggressively tackled my issues and was able to resolve my case efficiently and professionally, obtaining excellent results. He explained every detail to me, sometimes many times; until he was sure I understood everything completely. His staff was always available when I needed reassurance. Thanks to him, my divorce was finalized quickly and my children and I were able to move forward with our lives. Thank you from all of us.

"Changed My Life for the Better!"

What can I say! When my wife tried to push me to the curb this man secured me 50/50 custody of my daughter and changed my life for the better. His knowledge base and experience are unsurpassed. This not one of those times to price shop. Hire the best. I'll forever be grateful.

"Professional & Quick"

Several years after Mr. Castrovinci handled my divorce I found myself back in the legal system because of my ex-husband's violation of our agreement. Mr. Mady represented me in the Family Court proceedings that were started for me. Because my ex-husband was moving out of state and all of his New York assets were being sold, it was important to move quickly. Mr. Mady handled my case professionally, got us into Court quickly and was able to negotiate a fair resolution for me so that I received the arrears and future child support payments before all of the assets were liquidated. Thank you for all your help.

"Excellent Team & a Delight to Work With"

Nine years and three lawyers later, through the careful research of a knowledgeable friend, I was led to Castrovinci & Mady. My case was both unusual and complicated - and my lawyer-fatigue huge. Almost entirely resigned to the thought that I would never see a timely or reasonable conclusion -- or an attorney I would ever think to recommend or maintain in my address book, I am happy - no, thrilled - to say, my case has come to a more than reasonable conclusion, and within a timely manner since being placed in the hands of Mr. Castrovinci. He and his firm were excellent in terms of stirring this complicated case through the messy system that is matrimonial and family law, always professional - and, kind - reasonable as far as billing and fees. They were a delight to work with from beginning to end. In my profession I deal with lawyers on many levels and see my very fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mr. Castrovinci and his firm fall unfailingly in to the first: (Very) Good!

"I Immediately Knew He Was the Right Lawyer for Me"

Mr Castrovinci and his staff came highly recommended from some of my fellow co-workers. Right from the start at the consultation I immediately knew he was the right lawyer for me. Not only did Phil give excellent knowledgeable advice and handle my case perfectly, his staff is top notch and very professional. Their firm will always be highly recommended by me. This is a excellent knowledgeable law firm.

"As a Practicing Attorney & Very Satisfied Client, I ..."

I met Phil Castrovinci, based on the referral of a friend, who could not say enough about the legal services he'd provided to her. I was a lawyer myself, now in need of a lawyer, to represent me in a bitter divorce - in a field of law about as far removed as possible from my own legal expertise. On meeting Phil, though, I knew that I had found the RIGHT lawyer. There are many capable and competent divorce attorneys on Long Island, but Phil Castrovinci is more than that. From Day # 1, he let me know where I stood, and what I could expect at the end of the litigation, and when it was all finally over, he was 100% correct. Divorce is long and painful, but it always helped to know he was in my corner. His partner, Matt, and associate attorneys are equally top notch, and he is blessed with an amazingly caring and patient support staff, who represent him very well. As both a practicing attorney, and now very satisfied client, I wholeheartedly recommend both Phil Castrovinci and his firm.