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How to appeal a family law ruling

Family law can be a contentious subject for some and not that big of a problem for others. There are some families that can handle issues involving child support, child custody, divorce and alimony without much arguing. But, there are plenty of families out there who need help solving family law issues. Here's how you can appeal a family law ruling.

There are only two people who can file a family law appeal; the petitioner and the respondent. The petitioner is the person who originated the family law case and the respondent is the person who the original case was filed against. An appeal can only be filed once the original case has been ruled upon by a family court judge.

In order to appeal a family law ruling, you must have legal grounds for doing so. Simply not agreeing with or not liking the judge's ruling is not a valid reason for appealing a family law ruling. You must have objected to mistakes made during the trial for you to appeal the ruling.

The majority of family law appeals are heard by a division of the New York Supreme Court called the Appellate Division. The Appellate Division can return with a variety of different rulings on an appeal filed for a family court ruling. Those results can include any of the following:

-- Reversal

-- Remand

-- Affirm

-- Modify

These decisions by the Appellate Division can be made in whole or in part. Reversal occurs when the division believes the family court's ruling was wrong. Remand occurs when the division tells the family court to hear the case a second time. Affirm occurs when the division rules the family court made the correct ruling. Modify occurs when the division changes part of the ruling issued by the family court, but not the entire ruling of the case.

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