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Importance of a prenup before a second marriage

Many marriages in the United States still end in divorce, but divorce does not signal the end of marriage entirely for a person. In fact, the United States Census Bureau reports that 17 percent of U.S. adults have married at least twice. 

A lot of mistakes can end a marriage, but one mistake no one should make for a second marriage is neglecting to get a prenuptial agreement. It can be easy to assume that after someone has already been married, he or she knows what to do. It can be easy to think that this new marriage will last. However, that is not always the case. It is better to be prepared for anything and sign a prenup before a second marriage. 

Protects any children

By a second marriage, children from a first marriage may already be grown. As a result, determining custody may not be a major priority. However, there is always the potential of one partner’s death. This can create a confusing conundrum without a proper prenup and will in place. There must be documents telling the state who gets what assets. Therefore, it is vital to update wills, nuptial agreements and other documents before any major life change. 

Requires both people to bring everything to the table

Many people get married without knowing everything about their partners. By going into a prenup meeting, both people need to bring everything to the table. That includes bank statements and any outstanding debts. The only way a prenup works successfully is for both people to be as open as possible. As a result, fiancés may learn things about one another that are useful to know before getting into a marriage. It may not necessarily affect one another’s desire to get married, but it may change certain things. 

Regardless if people got prenuptial agreements for their first marriages, they should get one for a second marriage. It is better to have a plan in place and never have to use it than to need a prenup and lack one.  

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