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Do you know how to prepare for a child custody hearing?

Many parents find themselves facing the unpleasant prospect of a child custody hearing to determine what role they will play in raising their child. Custody hearings are a very small window of time to establish who you are as a person and as a parent before a judge, so it is very important plan for a successful custody hearing.

Does my behavior affect my custody dispute?

When you and your spouse decide it's time to divorce, the hardest part is often coming to a fair agreement about how to handle child custody. Every parent wants the best for his or her child, but in the middle of a custody battle, it is often difficult to differentiate between what is best for a child and what is ideal for a parent. In order to create a truly beneficial custody arrangement, it is important to keep the big picture in mind and always be careful how you interact with your spouse about parenting issues.

Shared parenting may be best for child development

When children are involved, divorce is rarely easy. Custody battles can destroy families for years to come after a divorce is final, leaving the children at the heart of the conflict with a great deal of unnecessary pain and, in many cases, uneven maturation. If you and your spouse are approaching divorce and want to protect your children from harm, you need to think long and hard about a custody arrangement that is truly best for them.

What might you be asked during a child custody hearing?

Naturally, the questions you could be asked at a child custody hearing differ from case to case. There are always specific concerns and the answers you give can lead to more intensive questioning. However, if you're now getting ready for your first time in court, these are some questions you may face:

Child custody and the law in New York

Family law issues fall under the jurisdiction of the state where the family lives, and the same can be said for child custody issues. Child custody can become a serious matter when parents and even grandparents start fighting over who is supposed to have custody of the children. The following are the laws for child custody in the state of New York.

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