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Protect your medical practice with a prenuptial agreement

If you are a physician with your own practice, a divorce could threaten to dismantle everything you've built. If you fail to create protections for your practice ahead of time, you could face the unpleasant or unfeasible task of attempting to keep the practice afloat in the face of divorce obligations. Fortunately, with proper preparation, you can protect your practice from divorce, if you act quickly.

Alcoholism and divorce

Even in a best-case-scenario, divorce has the potential to get messy. This is all the more true when one or both spouses in a divorce struggle with alcoholism. If you are considering divorcing an alcoholic spouse, you may have many questions about how his or her behavior may affect the process, and how you can keep that behavior from becoming the centerpiece of the process.

More older couples thinking about divorce financial impacts

More and more older couples are thinking about the financial impacts of divorce even though the number of gray divorces has doubled in the past 25 years, according to research from the Pew Research Center. Gray divorces are those that occur over the age of 50, for the most part. There are some who view gray marriages as those over 60 whose children are grown

Is your spouse hiding assets from you?

When spouses begin to think about divorce, financial considerations loom large for both of them. This is especially true when significant assets are involved. Although, like most states, New York mandates equitable distribution of marital property, divorcing couples often disagree as to what is equitable and which property should be considered marital. Some spouses take this disagreement so far that they begin hiding assets or income they do not want to share. Taking note of some common warning signs can alert you so that you can take action before all the assets disappear forever.

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