Modifying Child Custody Arrangements

As a parent, you know how unpredictable raising a child can be. They are full of surprises. If you and your ex split up early in your child's life, you know that your kid's needs and desires will change before he or she turns 18.

When circumstances change, it may be possible to modify the terms of your child custody and visitation decree. At The Law Office of Castrovinci & Mady in Suffolk County, our lawyers can help you understand your rights and options under New York law. We will work to find a solution that protects your parental rights and your child's best interests.

When Can You Seek A Modification?

Courts do not take requests to grant modifications lightly. They typically require a substantial change in circumstances that would warrant a change to better suit the best interests of the children, because they do not want to cause any large disruptions in the child's life.

Changes in a child's life that may warrant a modification include:

  • The child's safety is at risk because the parent he or she is living with is abusive, a drug addict or with a dangerous partner.
  • The child has a medical condition that will require treatment at a facility near where you live.
  • Your ex cannot suitably provide for the child because of illness.
  • You or your ex wants to move away from the area while maintaining parenting time.
  • The child has expressed a wish to spend more time with you.
  • You, your spouse or your child's schedules have changed and it is affecting visitation time.

In some cases, it is possible for former spouses to sit down together and come to an agreement. If your ex is refusing to negotiate in good faith, we will not hesitate to take the matter to court if we believe it is in you and your child's best interest. We are not just family law attorneys; we are litigators who know how to achieve positive results under difficult conditions.

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