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November 2017 Archives

Don't forfeit your rights for a quick divorce

Many spouses make unwise emotional decisions when they realize that their marriage is crumbling. Of course, few people ever make it through a divorce without making a number of compromised choices, but some place their future security at risk needlessly. This is especially true in marriages that hold significant assets.

Addressing unpaid spousal support issues

After your divorce finalizes, you may face difficulty getting your ex-spouse to pay you the spousal support you deserve, even if you have a court order demanding it. This is often a difficult situation to navigate, because many of the options available require time and money to pursue, both of which may be in short supply. However, that doesn't mean you're out of options just yet. An experienced attorney can determine what available methods may fit your needs best.

Can I take money out of a joint checking account?

When you face divorce as the spouse who is not the primary income earner in your household, you may have a great deal of confusion or concern about how you should proceed in the divorce process. Even if you and your spouse enjoy a comfortable life, you may not know how to access all your assets, or even what all you have. Similarly, you may not known how to proceed without compromising your priorities in the divorce itself.

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