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Addressing unpaid spousal support issues

After your divorce finalizes, you may face difficulty getting your ex-spouse to pay you the spousal support you deserve, even if you have a court order demanding it. This is often a difficult situation to navigate, because many of the options available require time and money to pursue, both of which may be in short supply. However, that doesn't mean you're out of options just yet. An experienced attorney can determine what available methods may fit your needs best.

You may begin by reaching out to your ex in an informal setting and assessing his or her justifications for failing to pay spousal support. In some cases, a spouse who owes spousal support falls on hard times and simply cannot pay everything owed, so he or she chooses radio silence. This is not a wise approach, but is still a surprisingly common one. In some cases, offering empathy for the other spouse's difficulties may give them relief enough to begin working off the debt and get you back on track.

However, some cases deserve stronger legal action. An experienced attorney can offer many kinds of insight into your circumstances and may identify legal strategies you can use to compel an owing ex-spouse to meet his or her obligations. It is often helpful to express that continued failure to pay spousal support may lead to criminal charges, resulting in losses of professional and personal licenses, wage garnishment and even incarceration.

An experienced attorney can guide you through this difficult season. With effective legal counsel, you can focus on building a new life for yourself on the other side of this difficult transition.

Source: Findlaw, "How to Resolve Spousal Support Issues out of Court," accessed Nov. 17, 2017

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